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2017 - The year to make it happen!

A new year has begun and now is the perfect time to start planning the 2017 adventures!

At Challenge Central, we love the start of the year and this year is no different as 2016 gives way to an exciting 2017.

Looking back over 2016, our highlights include a highly successful Kilimanjaro Trek with over 90% of our trekkers making it to the summit, a record-breaking London to Paris with 50 cyclists and finally our first Thailand Cycle Tour.

Looking forward to 2017, we are optimistic that we can break our own record of helping more challengers than ever before push their limits and achieve something special.

Challenges are awesome. To us, they are what life is all about - pushing your limits, sharing the experience, seeing the world and discovering that life is an adventure.

One of the benefits of setting a challenge is that it focuses the mind for something to train towards.

Knowing that you are cycling into Europe, conquering the highest mountain in Africa or attempting the mighty 24-hour 3 Peaks Challenge will help keep you motivated and keep you training!

Once on a challenge, you’re likely to build strong friendships with fellow challengers, as there is simply something about sharing adversity that brings us together.

With the challenge complete, you are left with a huge sense of achievement and memories that will last a lifetime.

If you want to get more out of life, make 2017 the year that you step out of your comfort zone and push some limits.

It doesn’t need to be a CC Challenge, but trust me – successfully putting your body and mind to the test, will do wonders for your fitness, self-confidence and sense of adventure.

Live a life less ordinary and make something special happen in 2017.