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60-Second Meet the Team: Duncan

Here we go: Duncan's 60-Second Quick Fire Questions

Q) What's your role at Challenge Central?

A) I have a number of roles - Support Crew, Trekking and Cycling Guide, CC Rep

Q) What's been your favouritre challenge event to date?

A) Thailand 2016 however the first 3 Peaks has to be a close second.

Q) What's your favourite thing about being CC's Support Crew, Trekking and Cycling Guide, CC Rep?

A) Meeting lots of new people and seeing their emotions at the end of a challenge.

Q) If you were stranded on an island, what 5 things would you want to have with you?

A) Would just need Bear Grylls and a 4 pack!

Q) Tell us an interesting fact

A) Not sure that I am interesting; much prefer hearing other people's stories.

Q) What is your one piece of advice to any challenger signed up to a CC event already or someone thinking of taking part?

A) Prepare the best you can, work as a team and embrace your surroundings.