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60-Second Meet the Team: Selina

Here we go: my 60-Second Quick Fire Questions

Q) What's your role at Challenge Central?

A) I am CC's Events Manager. I will look after you from Enquiry / Sign Up through to the day of your Event.

Q) What's been your favouritre challenge event to date?

A) I don't have one in particular however I love being able to go on challenge weekends with the participants as I get to see the people I have spoken with since they signed up go on to then complete their challenge.

Q) What's your favourite thing about being CC's Event Manager?

A) Being in contact with many participants and hearing the variety of reasons why they are taking part in their challenge?

Q) If you were stranded on an island, what 5 things would you want to have with you?

A) Family Photos, My Mobile, Exercise Equipment, Writing Materials, Waterproof Clothing!

Q) Tell us an interesting fact

A) I love my Charity Work / Fundraising

Q) What is your one piece of advice to any challenger signed up to a CC event already or someone thinking of taking part?

A) Train hard for your event! You don't have to be an elite sports person to complete a challenge with Challenge Central however we often see people unprepared and it is such a shame as it is likely to affect their event experience.