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A love affair with the mountains

In 2009 I climbed my first mountain, Skiddaw in the Lake District.  I loved it from the very start. Tiring but exhilarating and so very peaceful.  That weekend sparked something in my soul and inspired my desire to take on the National 3 Peaks. A feat that seemed huge and barely within reach but somehow awesome all the same. 

At the time it was not to be. Exactly two days after returning home from my mountain trip I got what was at the time some devastating news.  I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and almost all my plans for the next year were put on hold.  Following treatment I thankfully I made a full recovery, as did my mountain climbing dreams.

Trekking Challenges

Fuelled by a new found determination as well as a resolution to become healthier and fitter I first conquered all three Peaks in 2010. Leaving me with a taste for more I furiously searched for more mountain adventures and stumbled upon Challenge Central and it’s Welsh 3000s trip.  The adventure was so much fun despite the awful weather conditions that I offered to help out if ever needed just to be involved with such a great group of people and to course to get my mountain fix!

Today I have completed the 3 peaks more times than I can count.  I have made friends for life from people who were previously total strangers until we embarked on a climb together. My passion for the mountains has spiralled into enthusiasm for all things fitness. Mountain climbing changed my outlook on life and I truly couldn’t or wouldn’t want to imagine my life without mountains in it!

Whether a beginner or a season hill walker Challenge Central have something for you.  Grasp it while you can, it might just be the beginning of a truly amazing journey.