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All about the medal?

With Team GB making the nation proud by clearing up on the medal front in Rio, it got me thinking about one of the ordinary CC slogans – “It’s all about the medal”.

When Challenge Central was first formed, it wasn’t the event organiser that it is today. Initially, it was just a group and later a club of people who pushed their limits by taking on challenges.

The ethos of the club was the opposite from being elitist; it was about mass participation and encouraging others to take on a challenge.

Starting with 5ks, the club quickly expanded with a vast range of abilities taking on everything from short runs to long distance triathlons, to muddy obstacle races.

For us, it was about finishing the event. It didn’t matter how slowly, it mattered that our members set themselves a target and then pushed themselves to the finish in order to pick up their completion medal.

One our earliest slogan, printed on the back of our lovely warm hoodies was “It’s all about the medal”.

People outside the club sometimes misunderstood our slogan, thinking that we were only interested in winning the race! The couldn’t be further from the truth, it was about working together to get to the job done and pinning up the completion medal on the wall.

Challenge Central went on to organise a 3 Peak Challenge for the club and the event organising company of today was born. Today we organise all sorts of challenges and help hundreds of participants to the finish line each year.

The club ethos remains today and it underpins the way we go about running our challenges.

The Challenge Central team are here to support everyone, we want people of all levels to set themselves challenges, push their limits and achieve more than they dreamed possible.

We believe in teamwork and encourage as much camaraderie as possible on our challenges. Participants on our challenges will enjoy a much more rewarding experience by helping each other out during the adventure.

And of course, it’s still all about the medal, which is why our challenges include a finisher’s medal. Forget catching Pokémon, get out and collect as many medals as you can instead!

Keep on moving