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Corporate Team Builds - Break The Trend

If you have ever worked for large companies, you will be all too familiar with the team building away days or tasks to get people working together.

Why do organisations see this as a productive use of time? Happy, active and healthy staff are key ingredients to an efficient workforce. Working both physically and mentally together as a group will allow individuals to bond and form friendships through shared experiences.

Over the years in previous jobs, I have witnessed and been part of many team building activities. From memory games to building a spaghetti tower with string and marshmallows, I have got involved in tasks demonstrating teamwork and effective communication/listening techniques. These activities allowed us to build stronger work relationships and even become friends with those I was teamed with.

Although they were beneficial (and most of the time enjoyable!), nothing could have prepared me for how successful the corporate 3 Peaks event was that I took part in 4 years ago. 16 people from our department signed up to trek Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon over 36 hours. The group consisted of colleagues across different categories, PA's and Directors. We certainly wouldn't have ever joined forces together outside of work if it wasn't for the challenge! During the build up for the event, we trained together, organised fundraisers to raise money for our chosen charity as a team and supported each other; every part making us all closer.

When the challenge weekend arrived, it was obvious from the outset our bond for the challenge was in full bloom. We worked together by encouraging each other through the mountains and we chatted a lot about our roles within the company as well as our life outside of work. Post-challenge was full of celebration and recognition of each other's achievement which was great to witness. On reflection, it was clear to see we had become closer as a unit and when we were back in the workplace, getting to know each other made our work relationships stronger. Only those on the challenge knew exactly how it felt and this gave us a mutual connection no matter our level on the business hierarchy. Any barriers (hypothetical or real) were broken down by taking on the challenge and the business saw the benefits from our weekend away.

Challenges are memorable, social and promote communication from all participants in the group. Physical challenges not only encourage teamwork but also provides the opportunity for different members of the team to apply their leadership qualities. Whether team building, charity fundraising or simply a good opportunity to do something active together, Challenge Central will ensure a corporate challenge is safe, enjoyable and produces long lasting memories.

Break the mould and do something extraordinary for your corporate team build event!

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