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Cycle your way into 2018

Do you enjoy cycling? Do you wish to take up cycling in 2018?

Whether you are new to road cycling or an experienced cyclist, our challenges can cater for all. Giving yourself enough time and training miles if you are a beginner will allow you to be challenge-ready and enjoy the event to the max! And if you are an experienced cyclist….. the roads, scenery, group cycling, socialising and the fast-paced route sections set by the front leader will provide you with a challenge to remember! Not to forget you can also choose a challenge with a higher level of difficulty to ensure your cycling levels are pushed to their limits.

All our cycling events have a front and back guide (and extras in the middle dependent on group size) which will allow the natural split of any group to be catered for. Those who wish to lead and go quicker can ride with the front leader, whilst anyone who wishes a gentler pace of 13-15mph can split away and stay in front of the back guide.

Now the question really is which cycle challenge is right for you? Listed below are all our standard challenges in order of total mileage:

CC Hertfordshire Cycle Series – With Letchworth-Buntingford-Letchworth being 42miles and Letchworth-Cambridge-Letchworth at 58 miles, these one-day challenges are our shortest events. That said, you could opt to complete just half the route to make the event even shorter and therefore the CC Cycle Series routes are perfect for people new to cycling or who wish to use them as training rides for bigger events.

London to Amsterdam Cycle – With a total of 136 miles, this 2-day event is a great starting challenge. A tough first day with 83 miles however with an 8-Hour ferry to Hook of Holland to rest and a shorter 53-mile cycle on Day-2, this can be often considered as a great, introduction challenge.

London to Paris Cycle -  This challenge will see 3 cycling days covering 190 miles and many French smooth, silk-like roads; a cyclist’s dream. Although an extra day in comparison to Amsterdam, they are shorter cycling days with 65, 75 and 50 miles. Days 1 – 2 can be considered tougher than our L2A because the ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe is much shorter (approx. 4 hours) and the real rest overnight only happens in our Beauvais accommodation at the end of Day 2.

Slovenia-Croatia Ride – 4 days of cycling over a 5-day challenge sees 300 miles covered. This is a challenging event in comparison to the previous three as the hill climbs are at a higher gradient however the descents and the views throughout the challenge make any challenging moments all very worthwhile.

London-Cardiff-Dublin – You can complete just London to Cardiff or Cardiff to Dublin however if you complete the full London to Dublin challenge, we suggest this is completed by an experienced cyclist that has completed something like our London to Paris event. 375 miles in 5 days with those Welsh hills to climb is a tough challenge but worth every minute with the views and quaint towns you will witness.

Thailand Cycle Tour – What a beauty of a challenge to finish our line-up with. 8 days of cycling over a 10-day itinerary will leave you wishing you had completed the challenge sooner in life. The amazing views and exceptional accommodation coupled with the local culture you will witness, makes this event a “challenge of a lifetime”. The total mileage is over 500 and although there may be some tougher, longer days, the overall event is perfect for anyone who really loves distance cycling.

From 1-day to multi-day events, we are sure to have something to suit your passion for cycling.

Go out in 2018 and make it happen.