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Cycling in the Dark

Although our cycling challenges are predominately during the day, there are times when you will be cycling in the dark especially on our European events (early mornings / early evenings). Here are a few tips:

  • You must have steady front (white) and rear (red) bike lights that conform to UK Legislation
  • A rear reflector (red) must be at the rear of the bike
  • A bell is required in France and Netherlands
  • Reflective clothing is very important to help be seen. Fluorescent colours with high viz strips / bands / jackets are recommended.
  • Layer up your clothing as cycling in the dark will often mean the weather is also cold. Padded cycling shorts will also help for any bumpy roads as visibility of the road’s surface condition will be reduced.
  • Keeping well hydrated and suitably filled with the right nutrition for the event is important whether it is day / night and therefore you should have easy access to snacks and liquids whilst cycling.

If you have any questions about our cycling challenges, please contact us.