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Fundraising Tips By Selina

Before joining Challenge Central, I used to fundraise for a Cancer Charity (Myeloma UK). In 2013, I set up a group 3 Peaks Challenge with CC for myself and colleagues at my place of work at the time.

15 mad but willing colleagues agreed to share the challenge and experience with me, so we set out about fundraising for our minimum sponsorship target.

With my experience in fundraising, the team came to me for suggestions and therefore along with previous fundraising efforts, these are the tips I gave them:

Online Donations

Set up an online Fundraising page! Although you can still collect sponsors on a paper form, you are likely to have to try and collect the money after the event and will involve you seeing/speaking to everyone in the first place to ask and for them to write their details on the form. With the ever-changing world of technology and social media, I find it much easier to spread the word by sharing the online fundraising page link. People are likely to find it more convenient in their busy lives to just click on the link and donate. Plus, people can easily give GIFT AID if they are eligible!

Ask Everyone

Ask anyone that knows you to sponsor and don’t be afraid as the worst they can say is no thanks! Friends, family, colleagues and even friends of friends or family may wish to support you, so it is worth asking. One of my department managers at the time sponsored me more as he thought I wouldn’t complete the event, or I would need to be airlifted off the mountain! Thankfully neither happened however I had already received his generous donation ahead of the event!

As mentioned in point 1, you are more likely to spread the word quicker and easier online to people you know and even don’t know should your family/friends share it with their friends/family!

If you are working and have permission to add the donation link to your company signature, this is a great way to get others aware of what you are doing without having to ask direct.

Sharing on social media means the recipients can make their own decisions without feeling pressured to support as you are not asking them face to face (plus they can stay anonymous on most giving pages too if they prefer!).

Speak to the Charity

Although I was the “middle person” for my group when communicating with Myeloma UK, I still would recommend contacting your chosen charity and sharing what you are planning to do. They are likely to have a dedicated fundraising person or department who can assist in providing you with advice, extra fundraising tips as well as potentially merchandise to wear or use as part of the charity exposure.

Organise a Fundraising Event or two!

When my group was looking for ways to raise money, I suggested a few events: Bake Sale, Quiz Night and Car Boot Sale. These 3 things were relatively inexpensive to set up and yet a great way for us to raise sponsorship. You can get companies to donate prizes for raffles, colleagues or family to bake / buy cakes and everyone I am sure will have something they are happy to lose from their life for a car-boot…. I know I did!

Corporate Sponsors or Match Giving

See whether your company or companies you know of will donate money to your cause. The company I worked for back in 2013 had a “top-up” scheme whereby they would give an extra 20% on the funds their employees raised. As we were all from the same company, this made a massive difference to our overall fundraising total!!

You may be lucky in that a company your friend/family works for may sponsor your event or they may arrange a fundraising event at their place of work to raise money to add to your total. A friend of mine organised a dress-down day at her workplace for our cause and the only connection she had to the charity and the event was me!

Other Fundraising Ideas?

There are many other ways in which you could get sponsorship/fundraising and to finish this blog, I list a few:

Supermarket Bag Packing


Afternoon Tea / Coffee Morning & Cake

Sponsored ?? – Walk / Cycle / Silence

Race Night

Car Washing

Sporting Event - Football Match

Book Sale




Final Thoughts

Think outside the box a little and although the popular fundraising are great ideas, sometimes those a little unusual will attract more donations!


Happy Fundraising and Good Luck!