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Kilimanjaro Frequently Asked Questions

The challenge can be a big decision for some; the time off work and away from the family plus the cost of the trip. There is also a chance of not completing the challenge if you suffer from severe altitude sickness so why would you want to take the chance???

Summed up in just a few words…….TREKKING KILIMANJARO IS PURELY A TRIP OF A LIFETIME! Uhuru Peak has arguably some of the planet’s best views and during the challenge you will witness such spectacular, diverse landscapes and plantations. Acclimatisation permitting, the challenge we are positive will live up to your expectations and more! Deciding to take on the Roof of Africa shouldn’t be made lightly however any reasonably fit person with the training hours behind them will be in with a good chance of trekking up to 5185m! We have also selected a route which will give you the best chance of successfully summiting Kilimanjaro as we take time on Day 4 to get use to the altitude.

We love arranging this challenge for people and although it is a higher cost in comparison to our other treks, you won’t be disappointed. The hotel pre and post challenge is the perfect environment to start and finish your Kilimanjaro Trek with and the meals whilst on the mountain are nothing like you would expect; they are exceptional.

In a quick-fire Q&A, here are the top questions asked by many participants before they take on the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro:

Q. Where is Mount Kilimanjaro?

A. Tanzania, Africa.

Q. How long do we spend on the mountain?

A. 6 days and 5 nights.

Q. Do I need Travel Insurance?

A. Yes and you need to tell them you are trekking Kilimanjaro so the cover you appropriately.

Q. Should I be worried about Malaria?

A. Tanzania is a very high-risk Malaria country however there are lots of precautions you can take and you should speak with your GP if you are thinking about anti-malaria tablets.

Q. What kit do I need?

A. A kit list can be found on our website. All the items are strongly recommended and our local Tanzanian guides will carry out a kit inspection on Day 1 of our challenge to ensure you have everything you need to take part.

Q. What landscapes will I witness whilst on the mountain?

A. Tropical Rainforests, Shrubby Heathlands, Alpine Deserts and Artic Capped Summit

Q. When do I need to fly out and back?

A. This will be entirely your choice. If you would like to do some sight-seeing or just spend time relaxing, you can book your flights accordingly. Please note any extra night’s accommodation required will be at your own cost however if you need help booking hotels, please let us know and we can recommend where we will stay as part of the challenge.


This list does not cover everything and as it is a big decision, we would expect further questions. If you have any that still need answering, please do contact us.


Kilimanjaro = An Amazing Adventure!