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London to Amsterdam Cycle Frequently Asked Questions


We often find that people will ask similar questions when deciding if the London to Amsterdam Cycle is the cycle event for them.

Here we summarise the most common questions:

Fitness & Training for the London to Amsterdam Cycle

Q. Do I need to be really fit for the London to Amsterdam Cycle Tour?

A. Not at all. The ride is suitable for anyone comfortable with two consecutive days of cycling. Our challenges are not designed for elite athletes so as long as you do your training and build up to the required daily distance you will be fine, No one will be left behind as we have a cyclist at the front and back so the group can split at times if people are of different speeds.

Q. How should I train?

A. The best form of training will be outside on your bike. If the weather doesn't give you that option, a turbo trainer would be the next best thing as you still get to ride your own bike. We would also recommend where possible, to get experience cycling in close proximity of other cyclists as this will help at times during the bike tour.

Spinning classes or the use of exercise bikes in the gym would be adequate; Watt Bikes are an amazing substitute if a real bike is not possible! Exercises to strengthen the legs such as squats, leg extensions, hamstring curls and calf raises will all help!

Training should be at least for 3 months however the sooner you can start the better! We ask that all participants have an average speed of 13mph.    


The Challenge

Q. How long is the ferry crossing and what is the ship like?

A. The ferry departs between 11pm & midnight (depending on the tide) which gives you approximately 8 hours on board. You will have a bed, shower, bedding & towels in the cabin for you to use. There are restaurants, cinema, casino and bar on board for you to make use of too!

The cabin allocation is based on participants sharing and will be split male / female or by groups who sign up to the challenge together in the most suitable options available at the time we make the ferry booking. You can select a cabin of your own when booking your cycle challenge place for a single supplement fee.

Q. What should I do for food and drink?

A. There will be opportunities throughout the cycle challenge to purchase food and drink. As you will need a steady source of energy whilst on the bike, we recommend you have high energy snacks with you such as bananas, bars, gels, sweets and nuts. We carry large canisters of water on the support vans (tap water in large containers) so it is not essential that you bring lots of bottles of water / drinks.

Q. What if I get a puncture?

A. We ask that everyone can fix a puncture however our leaders will always be close by to assist if required. Having puncture resistant tyres or using inner tubes with special gel inside, which help to seal the puncture would be ideal for your London to Amsterdam cycle.

Q. Can I use a mountain bike?

A. We always suggest using road or hybrid bikes as mountain bikes are heavy and will make the cycle tour more challenging. If you choose to use a mountain bike, we suggest using a set of slick tyres as this will help decrease friction and increase speed.


Health & Cancellation

Q. Can I take part if I have a medical condition?

A. When you sign up to the challenge, you are agreeing to be fit and healthy enough to take part. As Health and safety of all participants and members of staff are paramount to us depending on the type and severity of your condition, we may require a letter from a medical professional stating that you are fit enough to undergo the bike tour. 

Q. Will I lose my money if I need to cancel my place?

A. Your deposit will be non-refundable and non-transferrable. If you have paid your remaining balance when you need to cancel your challenge place, the following policies will apply:

If you cancel within 3 calendar months of the challenge commencing, you will not be entitled to any refund however your remaining balance payment can be transferred to another CC event within 18 months. Your deposit will need to be paid again no later than 3 months before the start of the new challenge event.

If you cancel before 3 months, you will be entitled to a 50% refund of your remaining balance fee or you can transfer the remaining balance amount towards another challenge within 18 months minus the non-refundable/transferrable deposit. The deposit will need to be paid again no later than 3 months before the start of the new challenge event.

If you have someone who would like to take over your challenge place, this is possible subject to them having the correct level of fitness to undertake the challenge. Any monies already paid will be assigned to your replacement booking and they will be required to pay any remaining balance that is due.


Logistics Pre / Post Challenge

Q. Can you take my bike to London and bring my bike back from Amsterdam for me please?

A. For £15 each way, you can travel to London and / or back from Amsterdam without the hassle of commuting with your bike. You would need to drop the bike to Letchworth in advance and pick it up from the same location within 2 weeks of the bike tour ending.

Q. Can my bike get picked up from / dropped off at my house?

A. We certainly can. Prices will start from £2.70 per mile required. We can work with you to find a convenient time for the bike to be collected / returned.

Q. Do I need my passport?

A. Yes please as you will need it for the ferry! Please ensure when registering with us for the challenge you state your full name as per your passport and that the expiry date on the passport hasn't lapesd!



Q. Do I need travel insurance?

A. Challenge Central have both public and employer liability cover from our Tour Operator insurance. This covers us for the costs of legal fees resulting from claims of negligence against Challenge Central however it wouldn't cover you if Challenge Central is not at fault so we recommend you get an appropriate level of travel insurance to cover you for the London to Amsterdam Cycle Tour.


Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.