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Taking on an event through the eyes of a solo challenger

Are you thinking of completing a challenge but have no one to take part with? Is this stopping you from signing up?

Throughout my life, I have always put off doing things as an individual until I was forced into taking on a 3 Peaks challenge by myself in 2014! The group I organised in 2013 had to complete the event without me as I was ruled out because of surgery. Being nervous about being a solo participant is understandable (I felt the same) however it certainly was not needed!

I will share with you what I soon realised as my challenge weekend begun and what I now tell anyone enquiring with the same question.


If you are worried about completing the challenge on your own… Don’t be!!

1) Your fellow challengers are all there for the same reason; to complete the event so you already have something in common!

2) You will not be left out; there are often many challengers on their own too.

3) The Challenge Central team are very friendly and supportive; they will be with you every step of the way.

4) If you have put in your training and can sustain the average pace for your challenge, it doesn’t matter if you are at the front or back of the pack. All events are fully guided and therefore if you are concerned about holding the group back or be on your own for lengths of time, this will not be the case!

5) If your challenge has accommodation and you are worried about who you will be sharing with; don’t fret! All accommodation is split my male/female and in some circumstances, the challenge will have the opportunity for single supplement upgrade so if you wish to have a room of your own, this generally can happen.


I fully understand why people can be worried about taking on a challenge by themselves however after I met Challenge Central in 2013 (and later joined the CC team!), I realised the team are helpful, friendly and patient. I made new friends from my challenge weekend who I still speak to now so I wasn’t alone. Taking on the challenge in 2014 was one of the best decisions I made and would thoroughly recommend it and Challenge Central to anyone I meet.