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Thailand Cycling Tour - Day 9

After a wonderful night in the forest with a collection of unique noises making us feel like we were deep in the jungle, we set off on our way for the penultimate section of the tour.

The rain wasn’t as bad as yesterday but it was pretty consistent once again, not that it slowed us down with another 17+ miles per hour group average.

A shorter day of only 50 miles felt a lot longer after two long and tough days on the bike. Shoulders, necks, backs are all aching and hours of being in the saddle has chaffing effects for most of the team at this point.

At another amazing hotel this evening with a pool surrounding the entire resort, including a personal plunge pool for those on the bottom floor.

Upon arriving in Khoa Lak, a very popular tourist destination we saw other tourists for the first time since Hua Hin on Day 2 of the tour. This served as a reminder of just how different our experience has been of Thailand compared to the norm.

One advantage of a bigger town is that there is plenty to do and see this evening before the final stretch of the tour tomorrow, when we will complete our Bangkok to Phuket Cycling Challenge!

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Thailand Cycling Tour - Day 9