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Challenge Central Running Club

We are a small, friendly group that welcomes all abilities especially beginners.

What’s involved?

The running sessions begin at 19:00 on Wednesdays from Stevenage and start with a dynamic warm-up. The running sessions finish at 19:45, with an optional cool down/stretch focusing on methods to improve flexibility and recovery.

Running sessions vary from week to week, including distance runs, intervals, hills, combos and race your pace; suitable for all abilities.

Distance runs – these are between 5km and 10km depending on ability and goals. Much like the marines, nobody gets left behind!

Race your pace – to monitor progress we run regular sessions over a set distance. This gives runners a chance to see improvements against the clock; there may even be the odd treat at the end!

Interval sessions – These sessions provide an excellent method of training to work on speed, distance and breathing. A first-rate cardio workout.

Hill sessions – As the name suggests this involves hills. Often a feared part of the run, but practice makes perfect. By training on hills you should see improvements in speed, breathing and power. We promise you will learn to love those hills.

Combo sessions – either a mixture of the above or something entirely different. An exciting session that can involve group work, cardio work, intervals or any other ideas that the imaginative running leaders come up with.

We also run some weekend programmes for increasing distance.

Contact Details

The Running Leader is Amy. She is a qualified Running Leader and has participated in countless races from 5km to marathons.

Amy is a member of Challenge Central, so if you have any running questions please feel free to ask her or alternatively contact Challenge Central at 01438 300033.

Running Policy

To the best of the knowledge of CCRC, the information presented on this website is believed to be correct. The group does not accept responsibility for any actions taken on the basis of this information, neither does it accept any liability for omissions or errors of facts contained within.

Please note, runners must be over 17 or run with a parent / guardian.

You can read our full Health and Safety document here.