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Challenge Life brings together of our Health, Fitness and Challenge Community.

Currently known as Challenge Corona, we provide a free motivating concept of teams, points, challenges and workouts.

From July, we are moving away from Challenge Corona but the concept will continue with improvements whilst remaining free.


Getting Involved:

STEP 1 - Create a Challenge Life Account.

STEP 2 - Login to Challenge Life with your new account and select the Free Challenge Membership.

STEP 3 - You will receive an email with details on how to get started with our app, teams, points and support groups.

STEP 4 - Get point scoring!


The Challenges / QR Codes:

Challenge Details Points Rules
The Wall Chart 2 points for starting and 8 points for finishing the Wall Chart Challenge -  Wall Chart 2 & 8 2 per season
Home Workout /& Class Complete any 30-minute home or class workout - Home Workout 1 1 per day
Outdoor Activity Complete an outdoor activity for 30-minutes - Walking, Cycling or Jogging - Outdoor CV Activity 1 1 per day
Workout Of the Week (WOW) Complete the workout of the week  - WOW - (Workout Of the Week) 2 2 per week
Weekly Challenge Complete the weekly challenge (bonus points available for performance) - Weekly Spot Challenge 1 1 per week
Alphabet Challenge Complete the Alphabet Challenge - Alphabet Challenge 1 1 per week
Mind Activity Complete a Mind Activity - Mind Activity 1 1 per day
Warrior Challenge Complete a Warrior Challenge within the allocated time - Warrior Challenge 1-12 1 per season



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