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Gym Retention System – CC Gym Challenge

The ‘CC Gym Challenge’ is designed to keep gym members motivated and engaged in the gym, thus improving membership retention and the service provided to members.

Using a combination of gym teams and point scoring activities, the system encourages frequent gym visits and greater social interaction of both members and staff.

The concept allocates gym members into teams, where they are able to earn points for their respective teams by taking part in gym challenges and other activities.

The teams compete against each other over a 3-month period, which concludes with a winning team before the points are reset and new challenges are introduced to keep the competition fresh and competitive.

Teams are assigned colours and/or names to help promote greater team association, teamwork and camaraderie by being part of a tribe. 

There are a range of options for point scoring activities and each gym is different but some of the most popular challenges include:

Wall Chart Challenge - This runs for the full 3-month period and requires members to make multiple visits to the gym in order complete the challenge. Points are awarded for starting, progressing to certain points and for completion of the challenge.

Spot Challenge - These are challenges that are completed ‘on the spot’ and allow members to instantly score points for their team. A set number of attempts on the spot challenge are permitted over the 3-month period so that members can improve on their performance.

Workout Of the Month (WOM) - This is a workout designed by CC or in-house each month that members must successfully complete in order to score a set number of points. The workout completion must be verified by a member of the gym team.

Other point scoring activities could include attendance to gym/classes, completing special workouts, attending socials or taking part in external based challenges.

Motivated, focused and socialising members are more likely to be loyal members, who provide membership referrals and increase secondary spend by purchasing services like Small Group or Personal Training.

CC Gym Retention System - Setup Cost - £500

150 Wristbands (50 x three different colours)

In-house team training

3-month Wall Chart Challenge (4 prints)

3 x Spot Challenges

CC Challenge Info sheets (explaining concept to members)

Laminated Leader Board Chart


Quarter Package – £250

3-month Wall Chart Challenge (4 prints)

3 x Spot Challenges

Monthly WOM created & videoed by Challenge Central

On-going remote support


Please contact us for more information on how the CC Gym Retention System can work for you.