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Letchworth to London Cycle

MagpasJoin us for a single day, 45-mile cycling adventure from our HQ in Letchworth into the UK’s exciting capital city - London.

Departing on the adventure at 09:00, Sunday 13th June, we will head south on a scenic route passing through Knebworth, Tewin, Old Hatfield, Potters Bar, Barnet and Hampstead.

Once into the capital, we'll use the well-designed cycle network to head into central London for a little sightseeing tour including Tower Bridge, Buckingham Place, The Mall and Trafalgar Square.

We will then double back up to King's Cross train station to complete the mini but epic cycling adventure.

You have the option of either bringing your bike back on the train yourself or for £15 you can book your bike into the support van for a safe return to Letchworth.

We will have a drink at King's Cross before jumping on a Letchworth bound train and a short walk back to the starting point where you are welcome to leave your car.

Challenge Central are proud to be supporting Magpas Air Ambulance and politely request that for those participants choosing to fundraise that they do so for them. The Magpas friendly fundraising team will be happy to provide you with a FREE charity t-shirt and fundraising pack, please contact

Approx Timings (please view as a guide only)

09:00 Meet at Letchworth Sports & Tennis Club, Muddy Lane, Letchworth Herts, SG6 3TB

09:30 Start the challenge

11:30 15-minute break in Potters Bar with refreshments

13:30 Arrive in central London for a mini sightseeing tour on bikes

14:30 Arrive at King's Cross and complete the challenge

14:31 Celebratory drink at King's Cross (Complimentary drink included)

15:30 Depart King's Cross for Letchworth on the train (train fare not included)

16:30 Arrive at Letchworth Sports Tennis Club after a short walk from Letchworth Train Station


Letchworth Cambridge Cycle Challenge

 What’s included:

>> Cycle Leaders

>> Support Vehicle

>> Light Refreshments, snacks and fluids

>>  Complimentary finisher's drink

>>  Optional bike transfer from London to Letchworth for £15 (limited availability)


 What’s not included:

>> Transport from London

>> Personal Insurance


Personal Insurance is always recommended; for you and your bike. If you have insurance already, we recommend you contact your provider and inform them of the cycling activity to see if you require further cover.

Visit the British Cycling website for extra support and information on this topic.


Cancellation by Challenge Central

All Challenge Central events require a minimum participation level in order to operate. On very rare occasions if this level is not reached with 3 months to go, we may, unfortunately, have to cancel the challenge date. Bookings can either be refunded in full or transferred to another Challenge Central event within the next 18 months. Please find our full Terms and Conditions here.


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Downloadable check list available here

Bike Clothing:

>> Bike Helmet (compulsory)

>> Bike Gloves

>> Padded Cycling Shorts & Cycling Top

>> Waterproof / Warm Cycling Clothing  (The weather forecast is ever-changing)

>> Cycle Shoes & Socks

Other Clothing:

>> Casual Clothing & Footwear (you may wish to change into post cycle)

Bike Kit:

>> Bike

>> Water Bottle / Camelbak (to be used while cycling)

>> Small Backpack / Bento Box (for accessible food whilst cycling)

>> Bike Pump

>> Tyre Levers

>> Spare Inner Tubes

>> Puncture Repair Kit


Hygiene and Health:

>> Sun Protection (weather permitting)

>> Anti-Chafe Cream

>> Prescribed Medication (if applicable)

>> Basic First Aid Kit (Guides will carry as well)



Letchworth Cambridge Cycle Challenge


Any lost property can be collected from our HQ in Letchworth, Hertfordshire or we can post the belongings out to you. If posted, please note you will be charged P&P plus a £15 admin fee in advance of the items being delivered. Please refer to 6.5 in our Terms & Conditions.

Cycling the distance is no easy task but providing you are currently active, this challenge is certainly achievable for an average level of fitness.

Relevance training is always key when planning for any event. In this case, you are cycling a reasonably long way so your first point of training should be out on your bike. We would also strongly advise where possible, to get experience cycling in close proximity of other cyclists.

If the glorious UK weather does not allow any outdoor cycling then a turbo trainer, which uses your own bike would be a suitable replacement. This means you can get used to your own bike whilst cycling in the comfort of your home.

Spinning classes are another excellent way of preparing you for the cycle although the intensity vs time will be different to the challenge. A spinning class is normally a high intensity blast of 45 minutes whereas the event will see you cycling all day at a much lower intensity.

The gym can also be used to help strengthen muscles required for cycling. Exercises such as squats, leg extensions, hamstring curls and calf raises will all help to increase leg strength.

When training, you should be aiming to cycle between 12 – 15mph.                                    

We encourage in the build up to the challenge, participants undertake physical activity for at least 3 months. All challengers will receive a plan to help support with their training.

Please note (other than lunch buffet) you are responsible for your own food for this challenge.

You will need a steady supply of energy whilst you are cycling so keeping fast releasing sources of energy such as bananas, energy bars, gels, sweets and nuts with you on the bike is essential. There will be a stop mid-way in order for you to purchase lunch.

We carry large canisters of water on the support vehicle (tap water in large containers) so it is not essential that you bring lots of bottles of water / drinks with you.

If you have any special dietary requirements, please ensure we are made aware when making your booking. We will endeavour to do everything possible to ensure your requirements are catered for.

No one will be left behind. There will always be a Challenge Central leader at the front and back of the group to show the way. They will ensure that the group regularly re-groups and that no one is left behind.

We suggest purchasing puncture resistant tyres or using inner tubes with special gel inside, which help to seal the puncture. Failing that, you should have the kit with you to fix punctures and our leaders will always be there to assist if there is a problem.

You can, however we do recommend using road or at least hybrid bikes. Mountain bikes are heavy and can make the challenge tougher than it needs to be. If you are going to use a mountain bike, we suggest using a set of slick tyres to help decrease friction and increase speed.

There is always a Challenge Central leader at both the front and back of the group. Depending on the group size, there may also be additional leaders interspersed within the group.

You should carry enough food and drink to last you whilst cycling. We advise that all challengers have water bottles, small backpack or a bento box (this is attached to your cross bar) whilst riding with sweets/snacks/gels to keep your energy/fluid levels maintained.

We ask that all challengers carry two spare inner tubes at all times throughout the challenge. Extras can be left in the support vehicle, which should be re-stocked at our designated stops.

A puncture repair kit including a pump should also be carried with you just in case you have already used your spare inner tubes and another repair is required.

We also suggest you carry a lightweight windjammer in case it suddenly turns cold or for an emergency.

Yes, Challenge Central have both public and employer liability cover from our Tour Operator insurance. This covers us for the costs of legal fees resulting from claims of negligence against Challenge Central. If you would like to view a copy, please get in contact.

Our insurance does not cover participants personally if Challenge Central is not at fault.

We strongly recommend anyone who has a medical condition should seek approval from their GP / Consultant before signing up to a challenge. When registering for the event, you are agreeing to be fit and healthy enough to take part.

The Health and safety of all participants and members of staff are paramount to us. Depending on the type and severity of your condition, we may require a letter from a medical professional stating that you are fit enough to undergo the activity. Please refer to 6.6 in our Terms & Conditions

All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable. If you have already paid your remaining balance when you need to cancel your place, the following policies will apply:

If you cancel within 3 calendar months of the challenge commencing, you will not be entitled to any refund however your remaining balance payment can be transferred to another CC event within 18 months. Your deposit will need to be paid again no later than 3 months before the start of the new challenge event.

If you cancel before 3 months, you will be entitled to a 50% refund of your remaining balance fee or you can transfer the remaining balance amount towards another challenge within 18 months minus the non-refundable/transferrable deposit. The deposit will need to be paid again no later than 3 months before the start of the new challenge event.

If you have someone who would like to take over your challenge place, this is possible subject to them having the correct level of fitness to undertake the challenge. Any monies already paid will be assigned to your replacement booking and they will be required to pay any remaining balance that is due.

Please refer to 9.1 and 9.2 in our Terms & Conditions.