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London to Paris Cycle Frequently Asked Questions

What would you consider to be the important questions needing answering before you take part in the London to Paris Cycle?

Well, I will run through the most common questions and concerns people have.

The biggest question on most people’s minds would be “Am I fit enough for the cycle tour”? Although fitness is important and training must be followed for a minimum of 3 months before the ride begins, our challenges are created with non-athletes in mind. You will always have a leader at the front and back of the group with extra guides dispersed between the cyclists depending on the group size. By having a leader at both ends, should the group start to split due to capability (there will always naturally be a fastest and a slowest in any group), we can accommodate for this. All cyclists should be able to ride an average pace of 13mph for the number of miles per day. The cycle tour is challenging with the consecutive days of riding however it wouldn’t be a challenge otherwise! If you prepare adequately, we have no reason to believe you will not be triumphant at the finish line and we will be there to support you every step of the way!

Following fitness, the next popular questions are about Food & Drink. With the support vehicle always never too far away (excluding the cycle paths), you will have access to your supplies at the rest stops. There are always places to purchase food and liquids every day however it is good to have pre-packed non-perishable, high-energy foods with you so you can have them at any given moment. If your bike has a bento box or your cycling clothes has pockets, we highly recommend you always carry some snacks or gels with you whilst riding. The support vehicle will always carry large containers full of tap water so you can get your water bottles topped up during the challenge. If you have any special dietary requirements, don’t panic. I cannot eat Gluten and whenever I go away with the CC team on a challenge, I will just pack as many high energy, high-protein foods as possible that are non-perishable. They can be left in the support vehicle so you don’t have to worry about carrying them everywhere! I never really struggled to find anything to eat and the restaurants we stop at for our main evening meals will work with you to ensure you have something hot and substantial to eat. If you do have a dietary requirement, I would ask you to let us know in advance please so we can help arrange the evening meals in advance.

Once we have answered training and nutrition questions, next on the list is ferry & sleeping arrangements! The ferry over to France is very short; with the time difference, it is around 4 hours! Usually people will just fall to sleep on the reclining, padded chairs or bring a roll-mat/sleeping bag and sleep on the ferry floor. That said, we understand this isn’t for everyone and you have the option to purchase a bed in same-sex cabins or purchase a whole 4-birth cabin to yourself/your group. These are of course subject to availability but can be purchased when signing up to the challenge. On Day 2, we stay in a budget (but perfectly adequate) hotel and the twin rooms are split male/female within the group. Like with the ferry, you of course can upgrade your stay to either single occupancy at the same hotel or to a room in an upgraded hotel across the road. Day 1 into Day 2 is tough with little sleep however with adrenalin, our support and the thought of a bed on Day 2, our participants get to Beauvais.

The only other question we get asked a lot about is Bike Logistics. Getting into London with bike and luggage can be difficult for some people so we offer a transfer service ahead of Day 1. You can drop your bike off to us in Hertfordshire before the cycle tour begins or depending where you are in the UK, we could collect from your home for you. Likewise, coming back from Paris we can also bring your bike/kit back to Hertfordshire for your collection or indeed depending on location, we can drop your belongings back home for you. These services are an additional charge to your place fee and can be arranged at the time of sign up or by contacting us.

Of course there will be other questions not covered in this blog so If you need further answers, please do not hesitate to contact us. #HappyCycling