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Station 2 Station Series

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Hertford 2 London - Saturday 24th August 2024
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We have been organising local walks since 2021 and we have made them all as fun, social, and inclusive as possible.  We noticed our participants getting fitter, making new friends, reconnecting with people, and noticeably, wanting to walk a little further!

A key element to our walks is the social aspect, with people chatting away not only during the event but afterward too; this got us thinking – how can we put new, interesting, social walks together that are both progressive, rewarding and fun!  And so the Station 2 Station Series was born.

It has endless possibilities and the participants have an opportunity to walk a little further each time.  We’ve noticed a number of people undertaking the challenges are using it as their ‘social’ event to meet up with both their existing friends and their new ones!

With van support, bacon rolls, hot and cold drinks, and numerous snacks provided before, during, and after the event, together with a medal and a cheeky Prosecco/Beer at the end, these events have gone from strength to strength.  

By starting and finishing on the same train line, the return journey is always very close to the finish, straight-forward, and parking at either end is easy.   

The walks are cross-country and even the keenest of walkers will discover new and interesting routes to add to their weekly strolls. The routes are thoroughly researched to ensure that each Challenge is as picturesque, easy to follow and fresh as possible.  

So grab a friend or family member – or if you’re the only adventurous member of your circle, then come along on your own (a number of our walkers do) and meet some like-minded people in the Great British Outdoors.  You won’t regret it!

Let’s do this



Stevenage 2 Hertford Walk


Walk Info:

Date: Saturday 2nd March 2024

Start Location: Stevenage Train Station, Leisure Park Side. W3W - ///edit.impact.edge

Finish Location: Hertford North Train Station

Check-in Time: 09:30

Start Time: 10:00

Finish Time: 14:00


Station 2 Station Walk - Stevenage 2 Hertford




Letchworth 2 Welwyn Garden City Walk


Walk Info:

Date: Saturday 6th April

Start Location: Opposite Letchworth Garden City Train Station, W3W - ///given.crew.proof

Finish Location: Welwyn Garden City Fountain

Check-in Time: 08:30

Start Time: 09:00

Finish Time: 14:30 (approx)




Baldock 2 Cambridge Walk


Walk Info:

Date: Saturday 11th November 2023

          Saturday 29th June 2024

Start Location: Baldock Train Station, W3W - ///always.young.neat

Finish Location: Cambridge Train Station

Check-in Time: 07:30

Start Time: 08:00

Finish Time: 17:00 (approx)



Walk Info:

Date: Saturday 24th August 2024

Start Location: Hitchin Train Station, W3W ///taps.survey.ranked

Finish Location: Kings Cross

Check-in Time: 07:30

Start Time: 08:00

Finish Time: 18:00 (approx)