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3 Peaks Challenge

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16th - 17th June 2017 (24 Hour Challenge)
Full Price: £299    Deposit Only: £125

13th - 16th July 2017 (36 Hour Challenge)
Full Price: £299    Deposit Only: £125

27th - 30th July 2017 (36 Hour Challenge)
Full Price: £299    Deposit Only: £125

18th - 19th August 2017 (24 Hour Challenge)
Full Price: £299    Deposit Only: £125

14th - 17th September 2017 (36 Hour Challenge)
Full Price: £299    Deposit Only: £125

6th - 7th October 2017 (24 Hour Challenge)
Full Price: £299    Deposit Only: £125
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The 3 Peak Challenge is to trek the highest mountain in Scotland, England and Wales in one continuous attempt. The Three Peaks Challenge is one of the ultimate tests of physical endurance, mental stamina and effective teamwork.

Walk through the physical fatigue as we trek over 25 miles of rough and rocky terrain, whilst battling against unpredictable weather conditions throughout. Ascending a total of almost 3500m, you'll achieve something special that you will remember forever.

Climbing Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon is a testing trekking challenge but ultimately a highly rewarding adventure, which can be completed in either 24 or 36 hours with Challenge Central.

Ben Nevis 1345m (4413ft)

Scafell Pike 978m (3209ft)

Snowdon 1085m (3560ft)

As with all of our challenges, we embody the ethos of mass participation and view completing the challenge as the priority rather than trying to break any records or bones! For this reason, our standard public 3 Peaks Challenge itineraries are purposely set over a 36 hour period. If conditions are suitable, we will allow challengers who are keen to push themselves harder to move at a faster pace and simply combine their own personal mountain time with the driving time in an attempt to hit the magic 24 hour mark.

We also provide 24-hour 3 Peaks Challenges for those looking to push the boundaries of their own limits. The 24-hour 3 Peaks is significantly more challenging than our standard challenge, which requires participants to have a good level of fitness and trekking experience.

Additionally, Challenge Central also organises bespoke version of the Three Peaks Challenge for private groups of friends, corporate challenges and charity fundraising. Please contact us for more information about arranging your own private 3 Peaks challenge.

There are no charity commitments so you are free to raise money for any charity of your choice, or simply take on Three Peaks Challenge for a personal challenge without a minimum fundraising obligation.

We take customer service very seriously but don’t just take our word for it, see our 3 Peaks Challenge Feedback from previous challengers.

We also have a 3 Peaks Challenge Photo Gallery with action snaps from the 3 Peak Challenge.  

24-Hour Challenge

The adventure begins at Stevenage Train Station at 05:00am with a departure time of 05:15.

We will then keep heading north until we are deep into Scotland with an aim of starting the challenge at 16:00, traffic permitting!

Along route, we can pick up from Glasgow Airport at approximately 12:45 if more convenient. Please let us know before hand if you would like collecting from here.

After the event briefing the challenge will kick off with the highest mountain in the UK - Ben Nevis.

Once Ben Nevis is completed, we are swiftly on our way to the second mountain of the challenge - Scafell.

At around 06:00, there will be just one drive and one mountain left to conquer before the 3 Peaks Challenge is complete.

The final climb is up (and down) the mighty Mt Snowdon, where we will hopefully be treated to some fantastic mountain views.

There will be a chance to rest, recover and celebrate a little before heading back to Hertfordshire for around 23:00, via Birmingham Train Station.


Timing Overview (Approx Timings – please view as a guide only)

05:00 Pick up from Stevenage Train Station

05:15 Depart Stevenage

12:45 Pick up from Glasgow Airport

15:40 Arrive at Ben Nevis

15:50 Event Brief

16:00 Start The 3 Peak Challenge: Ben Nevis

20:15 Complete Ben Nevis

20:30 Leave Ben Nevis

02:30 Start 2nd Mountain: Scafell Pike

06:15 Complete Scafell Pike

06:30 Leave Scafell Pike

12:30 Start 3rd Mountain: Snowdon

16:00 Complete The 3 Peak Challenge

17:30 Depart Snowdon

21:00 Drop off Birmingham Train Station

23:30 Arrive at Stevenage Train Station


24-Hour 3 Peaks Challenge Dates

16th - 17th June 2017

18th - 19th August 2017

6th - 7th October 2017


3 Peaks Challenge Group Photo

36-Hour Challenge

Day 1

To start the weekend, we meet at our HQ in Muddy Lane, Letchworth, Hertfordshire (SG6 3TB) for 8pm where participants will be able to purchase a meal and beverage. Challengers will get to know each other and their guides, ready for the days ahead. Our minibus will collect people from Stevenage Train Station in Hertfordshire at 7:30pm and transport them to Letchworth to meet the group. Around 9pm, we’ll be underway for a weekend to truly remember! Stevenage Train Station has excellent transport links via the First Capital Connect line straight out of London, with trains twice an hour.

Day 2

We arrive in the Glen Nevis Valley, where the challenge begins at 8:30am sharp to ascend the highest mountain in Britain. The climb is steep and strenuous, with breathtaking views throughout. The upper section of the climb, more often than not, is snow covered – adding to the challenge! Towards the end of the day we regroup and recharge before shortly making our way to Scafell Pike in the Lake District to begin it all again.

Day 3

Equipped with our head torches under the moon and stars, we begin our ascent to the summit of England’s highest mountain. Navigate meandering paths marked by cairns in this confusing landscape, which features an impressive backdrop of rugged crags. As we descend the mountain, the dawning light will shock and awe as it illuminates the mountain scenery around us. From here, we’ll be on our way to our final challenge and one of the most spectacular mountain ranges – Snowdonia, Wales. This climb up Snowdon has some of the steepest ascents in the 3 Peaks challenge, some of the most varied landscapes and stunning views across the massif. You will find yourself walking on rocky terrain – where sheep roam freely throughout on your way to the summit. No doubt exhausted yet victorious in completing the 3 Peaks challenge, we head for some well-earned food and drink where we can also freshen-up, celebrate and get some much needed rest!

Day 4

You did it! Over a hearty breakfast, challengers can reflect on their fantastic achievement of having conquered “the big three”. We depart Wales around 9:00am, leaving with plenty of time to return home and share your accomplishment with friends and family!


Timing Overview (Approx Timings – please view as a guide only)

Day 1

19:30 Pick up from Stevenage, Hertfordshire

20:00 Meet at Letchworth Sports and Tennis Club

21:00 Depart Letchworth

00:00 Break: 30 minute at Sandbach Services

Day 2

00:30 Resume travel: From Sandbach Services

04:00 Break: 45 minute at an applicable Service Station

04:45 Resume travel: From the Service Station

07:30 Break: 30 minute at Fort William

08:00 Resume travel: To Ben Nevis

08:30 Start challenge following brief: Ben Nevis

17:30 Resume travel: From Ben Nevis to Scafell Pike

20:00 Break: 45 minute at Annandale Water Services

20:45 Resume travel: From Annandale Water Services

00:00 Start 2nd Mountain: Scafell Pike

Day 3

07:00 Resume travel: From Scafell Pike to Snowdon

09:00 Break: 45 minute at Lancaster Services

09:45 Resume travel: From Lancaster Services

13:30 Start 3rd Mountain: Snowdon

19:00 Resume travel: To accommodation

Day 4

08:00 Breakfast: A local cafe

09:00 Resume travel: To Letchworth & Stevenage, Hertfordshire

11:30 Break: 45 minute at an applicable Service Station

12:15 Resume travel: From Service Station

14:30 Arrive at Letchworth

15:00 Arrive at Stevenage


36-Hour 3 Peaks Challenge Dates

22nd - 25th June 2017 

27th - 30th July 2017

14th - 17th September 2017


3 Peaks Challenge Group Photo

Bespoke 3 Peaks Challenge

Challenge Central can provide a range of alterative options to tailor your 3 Peak Challenge adventure.

We have packaged together the below popular bespoke options but further customisation is possible upon request. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements further.


Bronze Package

Mountain Guides only

Please enquire for details


Silver Package

The Standard Challenge Central 24 or 36-hour 3 Peaks Challenge, exclusively for your group.

Please enquire for details



Gold Package

The Standard Challenge Central 24 or 36-hour 3 Peaks Challenge, exclusively for your group with upgraded accommodation and refreshments.

Please enquire for details

What’s included:

>> Transport

>> Mountain Guides

>> Accommodation (Saturday evening) (Based on dorm style rooms split male/female)

Please note on our public 24 hour challenges, no accommodation is provided.

>> 3 Peaks Challenge Finisher Medal

>>  Light Refreshments & Fluids

>>  Souvenir Video Footage (FREE) 


What’s not included:

>> Equipment

>> Personal Insurance

>> Food

All Challenge Central events require a minimum participation level in order to operate. On very rare occasions if this level is not reached with 3 months to go, we may unfortunately have to cancel the challenge date. Bookings can either be refunded in full or transferred to another Challenge Central event within the next 18 months. Please find our full Terms and Conditions here.

3 Peaks Challenge Group Photo

Downloadable check list available here


>> Walking Socks

>> Waterproof Socks

>> Walking Boots

>> Base Layers – Shorts, Tights, Upper Body

>> Walking Trousers

>> Walking / Wind Proof Jacket

>> Rain Jacket

>> Fleece or Warm Jumper

>> Hat, Gloves, Balaclava

>> Spare Walking Clothes


Other Clothing:

>> Casual Clothing (for when not trekking)

>> Shoes / Trainers / Flip Flops (for when not trekking)

>> Bath Towel

>> Light Blanket / Sleeping Bag (for when on the minibus & at the accommodation)


Luggage / Packing Equipment:

>> Day Back Pack (to take on the mountains)

>> Packing Sacks and Dry Sacks

>> Holdall (for everything left on the minibus)

>> Plastic Bag (for wet clothes)

>> Camelbak / Water Bottle


Walking Equipment:

>> Head Torch & Spare Batteries

>> Mini First Aid Kit, Pain Killers, Blister Plasters and Vaseline

>> Insect Repellent, Sun Cream, Sun Glasses

>> Whistle, Compass

>> Mobile Phone


Hygiene & Health:

>> Toiletries

>> Baby Wipes (or similar)

>> Toilet Roll

>> Prescribed Medication (if applicable)

>> Anti-Nausea Tablets/Bands (for the minibus)


Nutrition (suggestions only):

Mountain Nutrition:

>> Energy Bars, Nuts, Seeds, Dry Fruit

>> Malt Loaf, Banana Cake, Jelly Babies, Trex Bars


Post Mountain Nutrition:

>> Protein Shake

>> Protein / Recovery Bars

>> **Soup, Porridge, Pot Noodles, Quick Sport Meals, Oats So Simple


**We do not supply any food on the trip but do provide hot water which can be used for a whole range of items.


Other Optional Equipment:

>> Walking Poles

>> Neck Pillow, Eye Mask, Ear Plugs (to help with sleep on the minibus)

>> Camera

>> **Maps

>> **Emergency Equipment – Silver Blanket, Survival Bag

**All of our guides will have Emergency Equipment and Maps with them.


We are pleased to provide all trekking participants with a special discount to use at Cotswold Outdoor Ltd which is available to use both in their stores and online through their website.  *Terms & Conditions apply.

3 Peaks Challenge Group Photo

Pre-Challenge Meal

Start your memorable 36 Hour challenge weekend with a hearty meal in Letchworth, Hertfordshire before departing for Scotland. You will also have the opportunity to meet your fellow participants and CC team over dinner ahead of the challenge.

Choose from:

>> Chicken and Chickpea Curry – with Rice, Naan Bread and Chutney (GF option available if requested)

>> Vegetable Curry – with Rice, Naan Bread and Chutney (V)

>> Beef Chilli Con Carne – with Rice and Garlic Bread (GF option available if requested)

£8.50 per meal

(not available on 24-hour challenges due to a different itinerary.)

Self-Heating Meals

In between mountains, take advantage of the convenient, self-heating meals suitable for people outdoors in challenging environments.

The following food options are available:

>> All Day Breakfast

>> Chicken Tikka and Rices

>> Chicken Sweet and Sour Pasta

>> Beans and Potato (GF) (V)

>> Meatballs and Pasta in Sauce

>> Steak and Veg

>> Vegetable Curry & Rice (V)

>> Beans and Potato (GF) (V)

>> Vegetable Tomato Noodles (V)

>> Chilli Con Carne

£6.00 per meal

Accommodation Post Challenge

Challenge Central would hope the group stay together after the event in male / female split rooms within our accommodation however we do understand participants may not wish to.

If you are taking part in the challenge as a couple or you would prefer to stay in a room of your own, there is often an opportunity on the day to purchase a twinned ensuite room in the main building.

From £43.00

(not available on 24-hour challenges due to a different itinerary.)

If you would like to purchase any of our challenge extras, please contact us.

3 Peaks Challenge Group Photo

We strongly recommend anyone who has a medical condition should seek approval from their GP / Consultant before signing up to a challenge. When registering for the event, you are agreeing to be fit and healthy enough to take part.

The Health and safety of all participants and members of staff are paramount to us. Depending on the type and severity of your condition, we may require a letter from a medical professional stating that you are fit enough to undergo the activity. Please refer to 6.6 in our Terms & Conditions.

Physical fitness and walking experience are both very important however the ethos of Challenge Central is to take on a challenge, not to be the quickest. The 3 Peaks challenge is as tough mentally as it is physically. You will suffer from sleep deprivation, fatigue and possibly be faced with some rather challenging weather conditions, however these all help to make the 3 Peaks challenge such an amazing adventure! The weekend isn’t easy but it is fun, rewarding and challenging. If you are tough on the inside, your outside will catch up.

Preparation for the 3 Peaks challenge must be taken seriously and we encourage participants to undertake physical activity for at least 3 months before the event. All challengers will receive a plan to help support with their training.

Whether our public challenge is of the 36 hour or 24 hour format, we do have a responsibility to our challengers to maintain a reasonable pace as detailed under our routes tab on this page. Should any participants not be able to achieve this pace during the event, they may be asked to withdraw from parts of or the remaining sections of the challenge.

The best and most relevant training you can do would be to walk up and down mountains or hills. We appreciate that this is not always possible due to location however anything with a gradient will help prepare you for the real thing.

If you do not have access to any hills then you can create your own in the gym. Walk up hills on the treadmill, take steps on the climber or go up and down stairs. Any movement that involves stepping up is beneficial. Failing the first two training options, the next best thing would be to improve the strength of muscles required in the challenge. Performing exercises such as squats, lunges and step ups will help increase the strength of your leg muscles. You can progress by holding weights to increase intensity. We recommend you speak to your gym instructor if you are unsure.

All our challenges can be booked for private groups and corporate events. We can alter most aspects of the itinerary to meet your requirements including more options for challenge dates and alternative meeting points. The group booking will be exclusive to you. Please contact us for more information.

We do not supply food on the trip however you will have access to hot water which can be used to heat foods such as soup, Quick Sports Meals and porridge. If you are completing the challenge within 24 hours, this would be restricted due to time constraints.

We recommend you bring food that is energy dense, light to carry and easy to eat on the mountains. We will be making regular stops at service stations whilst driving between mountains where you will be able to purchase food.

Of course not! In the past we have tried to keep participants together in large or small groups but have found that participants enjoy the challenge more if they can go at their own pace whether that be faster or slower than the average. No one is allowed to walk on their own but we do allow you to trek in smaller groups of 2 or more where applicable.

We will always have a leader right at the front and a mountain guide at the back of the group to show the way. Challengers are not permitted to overtake the front leader or fall behind the back guide. Commonly this results in 3 smaller groups; a front group, back group and one in the middle. No one will be forced to walk faster or slower than they are able to.

Yes, we are proud to be partnered with Myhill's Minibuses who provides us with a first class transport solution. Their drivers are fully qualified, DBS checked and genuine bus drivers who are regulated by DVSA. Their vehicles are maintained to a high standard and issued with a Certificate Of Initial Fitness (COIF). Working within the legal framework of the DVSA Tachograph Rules, the driving team will maximise their driving allowance to provide a smooth running of our challenges. Partnering with a professional minibus company ensures that our transport is safe, legal and fully insured.

We will provide enough tap water for the entire weekend however you of course can bring your own alternative sources of hydration with you. Keeping up your fluid intake is very important; before, during and after each mountain.

If our meeting point in Hertfordshire is not convenient for you, we do offer an alternative. Providing you can get yourself to / from the locations, we can collect participants from Glasgow Airport on route to Scotland and drop people at Birmingham New Street Train Station on the way back from Wales. We can also pick you up / drop you off at a motorway service which is on our route.

Please contact us if you wish to be collected from our alternative pick up point.

All challengers must be over the age of 18 (or 15 if accompanied by an adult taking part who will have full responsibility of the child during the trip).

Although we think it is a good idea to travel up together as a group, we do understand the journey to Scotland is very long and with it being over night, the possibility of sleeping in the minibus may be restricted. If you would prefer to make your own alternative arrangements to get to Scotland at your own cost, this would be no problem.

In this situation, we could either collect you from Glasgow Airport during the night or from Fort William before the challenge commences. There is a sleeper train that travels to Fort William. The remaining journey throughout the challenge and back to Hertfordshire would then be in the minibus. If you plan to make alternative arrangements to get to Scotland, please contact us and we can then provide you with the approximate timings of collection.

Once the challenge is complete, the accommodation is usually a self contained (just for Challenge Central) bunkhouse with dorm style rooms and shared bathrooms. We will always split the group by male / female ratio according to the size of the rooms / bathrooms available. Challenge Central would hope the whole team stays together for one night after the challenge in male / female split rooms however we do understand participants may not wish to. If you are taking part in the challenge as a couple or you would prefer to stay in a room on your own, there may be an opportunity to upgrade yourselves at an extra cost to you.

If you would like to have the opportunity to upgrade, please let us know and we can check availability. Please note our choice of accommodation could vary as it is subject to availability.

36 Hour Challenge

As a rule of thumb we would like to complete each mountain in 6-8 hours with the driving legs between mountains being 6 hours each. This will give you a time between 30 and 36 hours.


24 Hour Challenge

As a guideline we would say Ben Nevis is 4.5 hours, Scafell Pike is 4 hours and Snowdon is 3.5 hours with the driving legs being 6 each.

Unfortunately there is no guarentee there will be a train available at the time we arrive / descend Snowdon and often we will use Pen Y Pas track rather than Llanberis.

Single tickets at Llanberis could be purchased for the way up (if timings, route and weather are in your favour) however they operate a standby, first come, first served basis for the way down so this option is not really viable. There is also no option to buy a return and just use it for the descent because the ticket is only valid when the train guard has clipped it upon boarding the train at LLanberis.

Please check out Snowdon's Mountain Railway FAQ's for full details.

Any lost property can be collected from our HQ in Letchworth, Hertfordshire or we can post the belongings out to you. If posted, please note you will be charged P&P plus a £15 admin fee in advance of the items being delivered. Please refer to 6.5 in our Terms & Conditions.

All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable. If you have already paid your remaining balance when you need to cancel your place, the following policies will apply:

If you cancel within 3 calendar months of the challenge commencing, you will not be entitled to any refund however your remaining balance payment can be transferred to another CC event within 18 months. Your deposit will need to be paid again no later than 3 months before the start of the new challenge event.

If you cancel before 3 months, you will be entitled to a 50% refund of your remaining balance fee or you can transfer the remaining balance amount towards another challenge within 18 months minus the non-refundable/transferrable deposit. The deposit will need to be paid again no later than 3 months before the start of the new challenge event.

If you have someone who would like to take over your challenge place, this is possible subject to them having the correct level of fitness to undertake the challenge. Any monies already paid will be assigned to your replacement booking and they will be required to pay any remaining balance that is due.

Please refer to 9.1 and 9.2 in our Terms & Conditions.

Yes, Challenge Central have both public and employer liability cover from our Tour Operator insurance. This covers us for the costs of legal fees resulting from claims of negligence against Challenge Central. If you would like to view a copy, please get in contact.

Our insurance does not cover participants personally if Challenge Central is not at fault.