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Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

Taking on a challenge is a big decision for some and I am sure there are many questions needing answers. The top Yorkshire 3 Peaks FAQs fall into four categories:

1) Fitness & Training

2) The Challenge Itself

3) Health & Cancellation

4) Logistics Pre / Post Challenge


Fitness & Training

Walking 12 hours in one day should not be considered lightly however with the correct training and preparation, the trek is certainly possible. Gaining walking experience as part of your training is certainly recommended and should be carried out for at least 3 months before the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge commences.

I always say to people the most relevant training is walking up and down mountains however unless you are fortunate to have these on your doorstep, we must make do with our surroundings! Hills are ideal as although you are looking to rack up the distance on your training plan, the gradient will help your body prepare for the climbs more realistically. Failing mountains or hills locally, stairs, treadmills on an incline and stepper machines are perfectly adequate; the stepping movement is what you need! Strengthening muscles by performing exercises such as squats and lunges will also fire your leg muscles into action.


The Challenge Itself

24 miles, 3 mountains…. Bring it on!! The route is circular allowing us to start and finish in one place! You will have a support vehicle during the challenge which can carry anything you do not wish to take on each mountain. We recommend you have high energy level snacks which are light to carry and easy to eat whilst walking. We provide you with one self-heating meal to have on a rest stop and you can also purchase others when you sign up to the challenge. Liquids are very essential and although the excitement of a celebratory drink in a local pub at the end is mouth-watering, we recommend you keep your fluids up during the challenge with water. The support vehicle will carry water which can be accessed at the rest stops between each mountain. You of course can bring your own drinks with you and the choice of water bottles or CamelBak is entirely up to you. Use what you have trained with and works best for you!


Health & Cancellation

We always recommend anyone who has a condition to seek approval from their medical profession before contemplating the Yorkshire 3 Peaks trek. The Health and safety of our participants and members of staff are important to us and therefore when a person registers up to this challenge, they are agreeing to be in physical shape. We may require a letter from a medical professional stating that you are fit enough to undergo the activity if you do have a medical condition however this will depend on the severity.

We are always sad to hear when someone needs to cancel their place. We do have a cancellation policy within our Terms & Conditions which should be read before signing up to the Yorkshire 3 Peaks trek.


Logistics Pre / Post Challenge

Getting yourself to / from Yorkshire and accommodation pre / post challenge is left to each participant to arrange themselves. This is because we know from history, people will often make a weekend of their time in Yorkshire and take loved ones with them to share in all its beauty. Whether you decide to drive or take the train, depending on your requirements, there are many hostels and hotels in a 15-mile radius; even a campsite!! Please note many places to stay will require a minimum of 2-night booking at the weekend, so if you can stay the two nights, why not!

We start the challenge at a public Pay & Display carpark opposite the Crown Hotel so challengers can leave their car their all day.

Should you leave any belongings in the support vehicle after the challenge is finished; fear not! We can post them to you for a P&P plus admin fee.


I hope this blog has answered your questions about our Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge however if you still have anything to ask, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are ready to take on the challenge….. make it happen now!