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Glamour Girls guide to the 3 Peaks - How to survive and still look gorgeous!

Glamour Girls guide to the 3 Peaks - How to survive and still look gorgeous was created by Jacky Jones, National Hair & Beauty Adviser (and a previous 3-Peak Challenger!)

A few tips on remaining gorgeous and glamorous, not just during the challenge but more importantly after. When you return to family, friends and colleagues telling them how great the challenge was, you don't want to be hobbling with broken, bruised finger and toe nails, with a red, sore, cracked face. You should look radiant, from your success and from the fresh air, so enjoy.


1. Zip lock bag for sweets - easier to keep them in one place whilst on the challenge without chasing them around your rucksack, finding them slightly melted and covered in fluff.

2. Treat yourself after the challenge to chocolate, sweets, pasties, burgers, chips or anything you have not been able to eat whilst training . The odd treat – You deserve it!


1. Drink plenty of water and then drink some more - keep drinking throughout the challenge. You can have a glass of wine at the end but you will need to keep hydrated so just water or fruit juice whilst taking part in the challenge. 

Finger nails 

1.Shorten them. If you wear gels or acrylics have them Infilled just before you go to ensure they do not break. If they break low, it will be painful and difficult so try to avoid this.

Toe nails

1. Shorten them as much as possible and absolutely no gel or shellack. The toe nails become too hard and will therefore hurt every time you knock or put pressure on them – They will then bruise, turn black and eventually fall off. They will grow back but will take a while; it's difficult to have pretty feet without toenails.

Body Hair

1. If you are wearing shorter trousers or leggings don't shave the morning you start your climbs, this will sensitise your legs, and could result in infections. Wear long trousers or leggins.

The 3 F's and 3 Flannels

1. Face - do not use facial wipes to clean your face. They exfoliate the skin leaving it sensitised so it's best to use a wet flannel and let the skins natural oils protect the skin. That is why the oil is produced in the first place. So no detergents or exfoliants - just Mother Nature’s oil.

2. Feet - use a good foot cream between walks, massage in and let dry before putting on socks. Between walks, wear flip flops and let the air get to them, clean them with a wet flannel, do not use wet wipes as too harsh.

3. The intimate F - do not use wet wipes, use your third wet flannel, all wet wipes contain, detergents which will cause sensitivity and can cause sores and lead to infection. Allow the natural oils of the body to clean and moisturise the intimate areas.


Allow your natural oil to condition and protect your hair, it will help keep it waterproof and the oils will condition your hair. But tie it back or plait it to protect it from the elements i.e. wind, rain etc.

You can have a lovely shower after the last climb, but moisturise well afterwards, especially the 3 F's, but no perfume on these areas.


1. Leave off rings, expensive watches, bracelets and necklaces.

2. If you can't remove rings, wear gym gloves to prevent scratching the silver, gold or platinum - diamonds might not get scratched but the rock will scratch the precious metal.

Bag for every occasion 

1. Carry all your stuff in a soft holdall - easier to squash onto mini bus and is a perfect leg rest for you and your mates.

2. Rucksack, with lots of pockets, easier to find your lip salve etc. However, ensure easy access - it is not much fun at the top of Ben Nevis fiddling with difficult zips etc. with freezing cold fingers.

3. Toiletries - keep all toiletries in a small plastic bag which you can grab quickly and use at motor way service stations. - think small like what you would use in hand luggage on a plane, - keep bottles small and there is no need for expensive products whilst on the challenge.

4. Laundry - have a bag you can put your dirty washing in. Make sure you can tie or zip up, as it can smell a bit!


Remember there are no toilets on any of the mountains. You must ensure toilet opportunities are taken before each climb; however you may have to go whilst up a mountain. It is quite normal for your body to decide your bladder or bowel may have needs. So be prepared, take tissues, small plastic bags and hand sanitizer.

You cannot be shy if it happens, we are human as well as gorgeous!